About me


Always passionate about technology, I have guided my professional career by a motto: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". I think I got it. But this doesn't mean that I like the immobility nor that I think I have earned all, quite the opposite. I realized that one of the things I love about software engineering is that it is in continuous evolution, and that forces me to face new challenges continually and to solve new problems using a great variety of new tools, so I have to be in continuous learning.

I like to be on the bleeding edge about the technologies I use, but always maintaining focus over solving the problem. It’s necessary to make coexist the creativity and the practicality, and that’s the key for me. I consider myself methodical, meticulous and even perfectionist, but this does not make distract me about "getting things done". I consider that my job is to solve problems in which many variables come into play: Scalability, modularity, performance, readability, maintainability, delivery times... and so on. For me this is really exciting, I love to find the correct balance between all these concepts for the problem, and then solve it in the most optimal way possible.

Leaving aside the technical part, the front end development allows me to be in touch with the most visible part of an application, what users ultimately get to touch and feel. This makes possible not to leave completely my designer role, and allows me to get involved in the user experience. Both of these are areas that always have given me great satisfactions too.

The evolution of the front-end development has brought to me again the server-side technologies (which I used during my initial career for a long time) making me to achieve great skills in Node.js, end-to-end testing and continuous integration tools.


Despite the fact I was born in a big city, I spent most time of my childhood and adolescence in a little village in the countryside, being in contact with the nature, taking care of the vegetable garden and farm animals with my grandfather, going fishing, etc. A lot of time has passed since those days, things change, and nowadays I spend the most part of my time in front of a computer screen, but I still love animals, adventures and nature. That's why I love to travel, especially to countries and places where it is still possible to enjoy the nature or learning about different cultures.

I recently reached an old dream, and moved to a village at the border of the city, bigger than the village of my childhood, but quiet enough. This has allowed me to have animals and take care of a garden again, and these are things that give me a lot of peace after a hard working day. In general lines, I like a lot to work with my hands, and I always have a lot of opened "side projects", usually woodworks projects, but also brickworks projects, etc. The worst part about this is that I am just as meticulous and perfectionist in these projects as on my professional ones, so I'm always very busy, but, again, I don't mind because I love it.

I also love to read. Apart from reading a lot of technical books I read about many different themes and genres, and but I especially like books about history, historical novels, comics and travel books. And, that's my other passion: travelling. This avocation made me get another hobby: the photography, and honestly, this is something in which I'd like to improve, because I usually only practice it during my travels, but, unfortunately, the time is a limited resource... 😉