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Javier Brea

Web developer. Front-end architect

About me

Who am I

I’m currently working as head of front-end software development at Telefonica Tech.

I’m writing code professionally since 2002, working as a front-end specialist since 2009, and as a front-end architect since 2014.

My main skills are: building web apps in JavaScript & Node.js, CI/CD, development tools, and E2E testing. Framework agnostic, currently using mainly React, Node.js, TypeScript, Github actions and Cypress.

I am known for being methodical and detail oriented, a high quality code advocate, oriented to modular solutions, and open source author.

You can read my CV and more about me in my Manfred profile.

Key skills

Front-end development 95%

Modular architectures 90%

Node.js 90%

CI/CD 85%

E2E Testing 80%

Github stats

Github stats

Featured Open Source projects

Main open source projects I'm currently maintaining


Extends Cypress' cy commands with localStorage methods. Allows preserving localStorage between tests.


Enables fail fast in Cypress, skipping the rest of tests on first failure.


Eslint plugin checking imports to ensure that architecture boundaries are respected by the elements in a project

Mocks Server

Node.js mock server supporting multiple api behaviors. Simple and easy out-of-the-box but very powerful and customizable with plugins.

Data Provider

An async data provider built on top of Redux. Agnostic about specific data origins, queryable, with powerful selectors, cache and memoization.