This is me

Javier Brea

Software developer. Front-end architect

About me

Some numbers

As programmers, we usually tend to try to measure all. I think that knowledge is something difficult to measure, but during my long career I have participated in a lot of projects, which, obviously, made me acquire a lot of skills. This is only a fast approach to my person through the numbers, a mere curiosity. If you really want to know more about me, you should read this introduction.


Years of career


Front-end projects


Back-end projects

Key skills

Front-end development 95%

Modular architectures 90%

Node.js 90%

CI/CD 85%

E2E Testing 80%

Latest Projects

Companies in which I have been working on my latest projects


Telefónica I+D

Front-end architect



Front-end architect



Front-end architect

Featured Open Source projects

Main open source projects I'm currently maintaining

Data Provider

An async data provider built on top of Redux. Agnostic about specific data origins, queryable, with powerful selectors, cache and memoization.

Mocks Server

Node.js mock server supporting multiple api behaviors. Simple and easy out-of-the-box but very powerful and customizable with plugins.


Extends Cypress' cy commands with localStorage methods. Allows preserving localStorage between tests.


Eslint plugin checking imports to ensure that architecture boundaries are respected by the elements in a project